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Please note that this product is a bare rooted rose and will be ready for you between June and August 2021


A climbing Persica hybrid from English breeder Chris Warner that has the characteristic eye of these hybrids.

Bears masses of semi-double blooms in orange and yellow, with blushes of pink and a central red eye. Flowers fade towards white as they age and are lightly fragrant.

Once established, the flowering season sees Harmonize continuously covered in flowers. When trimmed, the end of each new shoot will flower.

Winner of multiple awards at the 2020 National Rose Trial Garden of Australia Awards, receiving a Silver Medal and Best Climber of the Trial.

Height: 2.5m

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    Silver Medal Winner
    Silver Medal Winner
    This rose has been awarded a silver medal after being trialed at the National Rose Trial Garden of Australia. New rose cultivars are grown in the garden over two years and evaluated based on flowers, disease resistance, fragrance, and general impressions