Acer rubrum ‘Fairview Flame’


Acer rubrum ‘Fairview Flame’   |   Red Maple

‘Fairview Flame’ is one of the best red maple cultivars available. This moderately vigorous, well structured tree puts on a spectacular and reliable autumn foliage display. An excellent option for larger areas as a shade or specimen tree.

Produces small red female flowers before the leaves emerge in spring. These develop into pairs of red-tinged samaras (a dry, winged, ornamental fruit).

The foliage comprises three- to five-lobed leaves in a mid-to-dark green, changing to a glorious red in autumn.

Bark is grey, thin, and rough in texture, but bright red on young twigs.

Growth rate it moderate, with an oval to moderately ovate habit.

Height: 11 m. Width: 7 m.

Acer rubrum ‘Fairview Flame’ is a bit smaller than October Glory® and significantly smaller than ‘Jeffersred’.

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