Acer rubrum October Glory®


Acer rubrum ‘PNI 0268’ October Glory®   |   Red Maple

October Glory® is a spectacular cultivar of red maple, with impressive autumn colours in cool to temperate climates. A uniform growth habit makes this cultivar a superb choice for larger gardens, streets, and public parks and gardens.

The foliage is a lustrous, dark green, with red petioles and a greyish underside. During early autumn the five-lobed leaves turn a dark pinkish-red and serve as a complimentary background to the often superb later tones of brilliant red-orange to pinkish lipstick-red. At this time, the leaf undersides also change colour, becoming greyish-pink and adding further interest to the display.

Produces small red female flowers before the leaves emerge in spring. These develop into pairs of often red-tinged samaras (a dry, winged, ornamental fruit).

Mature bark is dark grey, thin, and rough in texture, but bright red on young twigs.

Growth rate it moderate, with a broadly ovate to rounded oval habit.

Height: 12 m. Width: 9 m.

Acer rubrum October Glory® is a bit larger than ‘Fairview Flame’ but smaller than ‘Jeffersred’.

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Mature Height

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Light Needs

Full sun

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