Achillea ‘The Beacon’


A vibrant achillea, well suited to a bold border planting. Excellent for fresh or dried cut flowers, and a must for attracting butterflies.

Blooms abundantly in brilliant shades of crimson and carmine-red, fading with age and contrasted with yellow eyes. The long-lasting umbels rise above feathery and aromatic grey-green foliage between November and February. 

Flowering can be promoted by cutting back after initial flowering, and extended beyond February if deadheading is performed.

As with the rest of the Achillea genus, The Beacon is a tough plant that loves the sun and tolerates drought well once established. Will tolerate light shade, but full sun promotes best colouring and flowering.

Upright clumps have a well-behaved growth habit and grow to 75cm high, with 60cm spread.

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