Semi-Dwarf Apple ‘Jonathan’


A popular heirloom apple. The first known description of this variety was given in 1826 by Judge J. Buel. The judge was alerted to the new sport by Jonathan Hasbrouck, after he noticed it growing on a scrubby hillside on Mr. Philip Rick’s farm in Woodstock, New York. Buel later named the apple in honour of him.

Fruit is medium-sized, rounded in shape, the skin is bright red on a yellow-green background colour and slightly striped. Flesh is tender, sweet, a little tangy, juicy, and often aromatic. Used for fresh fruit, cooking and drying.

Fruit matures early to mid-season.

Grows to approximately 4 x 4 metres.

Other cultivars that flower at the same time and make for good pollination partners include:
‘Gala’, ‘Granny Smith’, ‘Golden Delicious’.

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