Aster x frikartii ‘Jungfrau’


Frikart’s Aster, Aster × frikartii, is named after Swiss hybridiser Carl Ludwig Frikart (1879-1964). Frikart crossed the species Aster amellus and Aster thomsonii, producing three original cultivars in 1918 which he named after the Swiss mountains ‘Mönch’ , ‘Jungfrau’ and ‘Eiger’. He introduced a fourth cultivar in 1924, ‘Wunder von Stäfa‘ (Wonder of Stäfa), which is named after the town in which he lived.

‘Jungfrau’ produces abundant flowers from early Summer through to Autumn in a lovely lavender-blue colour, with yellow centres. The plant has a compact, bushy, open habit, dark green leaves, and typically reaches 60cm tall with 60cm spread. Very disease-resistant.

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