Pacific Coast Iris ‘Blue Banded Gold’


Pacific Coast Iris ‘Blue Banded Gold’ syn. ‘D0040’

A new variety bred by Chris Rae here at Spring Park. The Pacific Coast iris plants are a small clump forming perennial plant with strappy grass like foliage that are ideal to plant on borders or grass gardens. They are very tolerant of a wide variety of conditions and will grow in full sun to shady areas they are also tolerant planted at the base of pine trees. They need little attention only once a year when at the start of winter cut the foliage to the ground to help keep the plant looking fresh. They Bloom at the start of the Flowering Season for the Irises which is in October before the Tall Bearded Irises Bloom. Here at Spring Park Nursery Chris is breeding new varieties and these are a few of his new collection. It is worth a trip to the Nursery to come and see these beautiful plants.

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