Salvia leucantha ‘Velour White’


A pure white variety of Salvia leucantha and a real gem in the garden. Honeyeaters, butterflies and bees absolutely love the velvety white blooms!

One of the most beautiful salvias, Salvia leucantha is prized for its long lasting display from late Summer right through until the first frost arrives, a time of year when other summer plants have stopped flowering and not much else is on show. Particularly spectacular when planted en masse.

Blooms rise above the aromatic grey-green foliage in dense, arching, 30cm long spikes. The dazzling white flowers emerge from fuzzy silver-white calyxes, showy in their own right, and are an outstanding addition to cut flower arrangements.

This easy to grow Salvia enjoys full sun but is equally happy in part shade. At home in beds and borders, coastal or dry gardens. Also grows well in containers and is happy in most soils.

Drought tolerant once established, but do best with some regular moisture. Ideally planted after frosts, but very hardy once established. Heavy frost may burn the leaves but they regrow in spring.

Very low maintenance, a good prune in winter being all that is needed to keep them looking good.

Grows to 90cm high, 90cm spread.

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